Terms of Self Service terminal
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  • USA2GEORGIA Self Service machine is an electronic device, that permits customers to receive the parcel by using 10 digit Terminal Code;
  • 10 digit Terminal Code is sent by Short Message or E-mail to customers only;
  • Customer is responsibly to keep the valid phone number under the USA2GEORGIA Profile. In case of phone number change, it should be updated immediately with the new valid number;
  • Customer is responsibly to keep the Terminal Code safely and prevent its lose;
  • The Terminal Code is sent to customer after an invoice is paid;
  • In case of Terminal code loss or its unauthorized disclosure, customer is obliged to immediately notify USA2GEORGIA about that and request blocking of the Terminal Code;
  • In case of Terminal Code loss, customer is still able to receive parcels with an operator;
  • Self Service Terminal operates at all Branch Locations of USA2GEORGIA;
  • The Self Service Terminal is activated automatically for all USA2GEORGIA Customer;
  • In order to receive the parcel, customer should type the 10 digit Terminal Code on the touch screen. Terminal code is sent to customer after the shipment arrives;
  • Customer is not required to provide an ID or confirm receipt by signature while using the Self Service Terminal;
  • Receiving of package at Self Service terminal by third parties is possible with the proper authorization of package consignee only;
  • Package Consignee is responsibly for sharing the Terminal Code to third parties while USA2GEORGIA takes no responsibility when such instance occurs;
  • In case of any difficulties with receiving the parcel at Self Service Terminal, customer should immediately notify an operator at USA2GEORGIA;
  • Packages subject to custom clearance can not be received at Self Service Terminal.

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