UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS...  tracking information shows less weight. Why?
Posted by U2G-SH, Last modified by on 09 January 2011 02:15 PM
I’ve received a transportation invoice on my account, but the weight of the parcel is shown a bit more than it is indicated on the postal company’s web-site. What should I do in this case? Have I done something wrong?

As a matter of fact, UPS and other postal companies generally transport goods by using standard ground shipping. In this situation, tracking information always reveals the real weigh of the parcel. However, during air transportation, the dimensional weight of the good should be taken into consideration.

The dimensional weight of the package is calculated by the following formula: Width X Length X Height/6000. Generally, when comparing real and dimensional weights the higher weight calculation determines the final cost of transportation. This information is also available on our web-site, in the rates section.

If you still have additional questions please visit our office and we will check your parcels dimensions and chargeable weight.

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