Conditions of cut down (repackaging) service
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We want to explain more precisely the concept of repackaging.
In customer’s USA2GEORGIA account, there are two repackaging options.
The first option implies standard repackaging and the second option stands for shoe repackaging (put into bag service)
The marking of the desired option is valid only if the customer adds the tracking code of the package beforehand in his/her account. However, there are cases when tracking code is not available from the online store and the customer cannot add it. Unfortunately if this happens, shoes cannot be transferred into polyethylene package.

 Standard repackaging means

 Clothes that are delivered in boxes are repacked into plastic bags, therefore the cost of transportation will be determined by the gross weight.
 Shoe boxes are taken out of postal boxes and are sent with their original packaging.
 In case of combined products, the boxes are reduced in size as much as possible, meaning shoes and clothes, clothes and jewelry, shoes and watches, etc.
 During box repackaging the items aren’t pressed or rolled .
 Electronic equipment, watches, fragrance or other fragile products are not subject to repackaging, due to the safety norms.

 Shoe repackaging (put into bag service)

 If you’ll mark the second option, which implies that the item will be placed in a bag, the shoes will be moved into plastic bag and the shipping cost will be determined by the gross weight. We recommend using this service only if the shoes are sneakers or sport shoes because of the risk of damage.
In the instance of using our repackaging service, (including both standard cut-down and placed into bag) the company accepts no responsibility for damage of repackaged items. If you don’t want to use this service and plan to send your package in the original postal box, than please do not mark any of the options by the tracking code. 
Any product that is not listed under Repackaging Service Terms, is not subject to repackaging. 
Please also see how the transportation cost is determined at USA2GEORGIA website.
Please also check Terms & Agreement, Paragraph 3 of Resizing/Cut-down service

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