Why should I fill in the declaration form?
Posted by U2G-SH, Last modified by on 09 January 2011 02:40 PM
To facilitate customs procedures fill in the declaration form that represents the product category and the price of the product. That’s why we’ve added a new function to our system the Declaration button in the control panel of your account.
Click on the Declaration button, to view the following: the sender of the product (an online shop), category of the product that you choose from the list, for example: shoes, clothes, electronic appliances, etc., and finally the initial cost of the purchased good.
If your product category is not listed, simply choose the “other product” from the selection.
Please note, that package declaration function will be locked after 3 days of sending the shipment to Georgia.
You'll still be able to make the declaration within 3 days after shipment arrives. in this case, there will be a 1 week delay to receive the package.
Please note that if you do not declare the package within mentioned period of 3 days, you won't be able to receive the package at all.
If you're unable to find the online store URL in dropdown list, simple send the email to sales@usa2georgia.com with the request to add the website.
Declaring of package with lower value for the purpose of avoiding customs tax, will result into penalties like 40% of product cost for the first case and 100% thereafter.

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