I’ve purchased some products form an online store. The payment has been made, but the product wasn’t sent.
Posted by U2G-SH on 09 January 2011 02:46 PM
There could be various reasons why an online shop registers an order, blocks the amount of the purchase on your credit card, and doesn’t send anything.

 The shop accepts only USA credit cards
 The shop sends products only to an address that is registered on the credit card (shop checks the Billing address) 
 The shop cannot establish communication with the buyer
There are two solutions to this problem, but we cannot guarantee that your product will be sent: 
1. You can contact the shop itself and send them your credit card information by some other means, for example a scanned image of it.
2. Contact the bank and ask them to add your American address in the section of “additional info” or “alternate shipping address.” 
Unfortunately we aren’t able to remove or cancel the blockage on your credit card; also we cannot assist you with the delayed parcel’s sending process. Please note that we provide the transportation for your parcel, and are a third party to your transaction. We do not have any ability to intervene in the purchasing procedures.

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