How can i make custom clearance?
Posted by U2G-NT, Last modified by on 25 February 2011 04:21 PM
Our customers are now eligible to use simplified customs procedures at our office, which definitely makes custom clearance far more comfortable than it used to be.
This means that those parcels that are subject to custom duties, (that is, their initial cost exceeds 300 GEL), will no longer be retained at customs, but rather will be transferred to our office. We’ll also provide the customer with all the necessary documentation and he/she will simply pick up the parcel from our office on the same day. As for custom taxes, they must be paid within 30 business days at any bank. 
Customs tax is 18% out of the Product total value and Shipping cost.
There is an additional 12 GEL fixed fee per customs clearance.
None Georgian citizen will need fiscal number to make the custom clearance, no meter is she/he tax payer or not.
You can get the fiscal number at the revenue service center  Kostava str. #68.
You can also use DISTANT CUSTOM CLEARANCE SERVICE and get the parcel with documentation on desired address. 
To order the service, request must be made by pressing the “distant custom clearance” button in the Customer Control Panel of the “Arrived” section. 
detailed purchase order and fiscal number must be sent on our email

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