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Currently, payment by cash cannot be done at our office, and do not see a necessity for it. Instead, we can offer you various payment methods, for example, paying by credit card or using Paybox and TBCPay payment processing services.
In addition, payment can proceed through TBC bank, using internet or telephone banking and transferring the charged amount to our account in any branch. 

Of course you can, but take into consideration that our bank account is in TBC, and the payment transfer from other banks may take a bit longer. Allow 1-2 days which will delay package delivery.

No, our price includes only transportation costs.  If the initial price of the good exceeds 300 GEL, or its weight is larger than 30 kg., customs duties and other taxes will be imposed.

If several parcels are ready to be delivered to Georgia on the same flight, and the subtotal cost of those goods exceeds the predefined norm of 300 GEL, you will also have to pay the customs duties. 

For more detailed information about customs procedures please contact the Ministry of Finance call center:  077

Package weight is rounded with 100g increaments, with the minimum of 100g per package.

The cost of transportation is paid only after your parcel is delivered to Georgia. You will receive the notification about package arrival and the commercial invoice will show under the Parcel Control Panel on our web-site. We accept all major payment methods, including Credit Card Payments. Please check your account - "Deposit" button.
If due to some technical problems, the charged amount was wrongly calculated, the original invoice will be corrected and the payment will proceed by the new invoice amount. If you’ve already covered the transportation charge, the incorrect amount will either be refunded to your balance or transferred to your personal bank account.
Bringing a check or some other document as proof of your payment isn’t necessary because it will automatically be reflected in our system. 
After that you can either pick up a parcel yourself from an office, with your identity card/passport, or new driver license, or wait till the courier brings it to you

As of October 23, 2009, along with traditional payment methods, a new function has been added to our system: USA2Georgia balance refill. 
The instruction is very simple: in the Parcel Control Panel, click on the balance refill and follow the instruction. After that, the money amount will be automatically reflected in your USA2Georgia account. 

After receiving an invoice if there is enough money in your account, the transportation cost will be covered automatically. If there is not enough money, you will be informed about it by e-mail.

You can check the status of the balance in the Parcel Control Panel section.
In addition, you may feel free to select the payment method that is most appropriate for you: instant payments by TBCPay and Paybox, also Visa/Master Card, and transfer by bank.

Please take into consideration a transaction fee that accompanies each payment method.