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Please check your account at USA2GEORGIA, on the left side - Inbox (USA), Pending (Sent to Georgia), Arrived (Arrived to Georgia), Received (Delivered to door). By monitoring your tracking#, you can determine the package location easily.

You can also receive notifications by Email & SMS. To activate notification system, please check the left menu under your account -> Parameters-> notification settings.
Our system is quite simple and easy to use. You can check your USA2Georgia account any time and see those parcels that have already been received at the  USA address.  When the parcel is delivered to our warehouse, you’ll receive a notification by e-mail; also you’ll be able to see the tracking code of those parcel you’ve ordered, if an online shop didn’t specify them in your order confirmation.

For your benefit, it’s desirable to add parcel tracking codes that you’ve been given from an online shop as soon as you receive them. This is a very important procedure that helps to avoid parcel misidentification. 

After those parcels are delivered to Georgia, you will receive a transportation invoice. Pay the charged amount and pick up your parcel from an office, or wait till the courier brings it to your address.
When I check the status of the tracking code, my shipping company tells me that this parcel is already delivered to the American address, however I didn’t receive any notification from you.

First of all, you should add the tracking code in the Parcel Control Panel, in the section of parcels that are to be received. Generally, postal companies deliver packages 2-3 times per day to our American address. Occasionally, when the quantity of delivered goods is very large, it’s possible that a parcel will not appear in the program immediately. Updates to the system should be completed within 24 hours of the parcel’s arrival at our warehouse.

In the parameters section, you can change your first name, surname, contact information and even password. In addition, you can control the emails that we send you. If you don’t want to receive new information about the company’s services, do not click the corresponding button. If you want to pick up the parcel from our office, please check the button “pickup” .

A new function for balance refill has been added to our system. You can refill your balance, and use that money to pay the transportation invoices. See the balance filling procedure in the Parcel Control Panel.

The amount that you add to your balance will appear as transferred, and paid invoices will show a “paid” status. Furthermore, the commission fees associated with various methods of payments will always be indicated.  Transactions are reflected immediately in our program. 
To facilitate customs procedures fill in the declaration form that represents the product category and the price of the product. That’s why we’ve added a new function to our system the Declaration button in the control panel of your account.
Click on the Declaration button, to view the following: the sender of the product (an online shop), category of the product that you choose from the list, for example: shoes, clothes, electronic appliances, etc., and finally the initial cost of the purchased good.
If your product category is not listed, simply choose the “other product” from the selection.
Please note, that package declaration function will be locked after 3 days of sending the shipment to Georgia.
You'll still be able to make the declaration within 3 days after shipment arrives. in this case, there will be a 1 week delay to receive the package.
Please note that if you do not declare the package within mentioned period of 3 days, you won't be able to receive the package at all.
If you're unable to find the online store URL in dropdown list, simple send the email to with the request to add the website.
Declaring of package with lower value for the purpose of avoiding customs tax, will result into penalties like 40% of product cost for the first case and 100% thereafter.