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The postal address that we have given to you is in USA. However, you can freely use it to buy goods from any country. Whether it will be private packages or goods bought from online shops, all of them can be delivered to your USA address. You can order products from online stores that are situated abroad, for example in Canada or Latin America, and indicate your USA address in the shipping information, provided that those shops are able to send products to USA. 

Of course they can. Any organization can register on our web-site using company details.
Of course they can. However, take into consideration that each address is registered with a specific user and this particular person will be considered the receiver of the parcels. Each customer must have his/her own USA address, indicated by an  individual suite number.
Please note that registration on our web-site is absolutely free. 

Within one month after sending an invoice, you should cover the transportation cost. We have various payment methods. If you’re physically out of town,  you can pay via our website or internet bank.

If the transportation cost is fully covered, your parcels can be kept at our warehouse indefinitely, without any additional charges.
When a courier arrives at your address, he will call you on a cell phone at the number you indicated in your account, in the parameters section. If upon delivery of the parcel, you are not available, the courier will bring the parcel back to our office, and you will be required to pick it up.

Please take into consideration that according to our rules, you must present an identity card, passport, or new driving license in order to receive the parcel from the courier.

The following types of products can be transported

• Fragrances (Not subject to cut-down service. Packages are sent with original shipping box)
• Tires
• Food supplements for sportsmen
• Vitamins and medicines that don’t need special transportation permission to  Georgia (up to 10 package)
• Creams and perfumery products that aren’t flammable
• Plants and seeds * ( Check Details bellow about Phytosanitary regulations)
The following kinds of products are restricted to ship

• Crossbow, arrows and/or similar type products
• Explosive substances or products, for example cigarette lighter or fireworks
• Pornographic material
• Animals, plants, fish, birds, rodents, etc.
• Toxic materials
• Firearms, rifles, guns, as well as their parts and accessories
• Tobacco, narcotic substances, or plants and their seeds
• Products that contain a toxic substance called Azbest
• Stuffed (taxidermy) animals, bones, fur, ivory, etc.
• Real money – coins and bank notes of any country
• Journals and catalogs
• Pneumatic air guns without air container, optical shooter or any accessory.
• Airsoft  guns, electro pneumatic paintball guns  and any accessory
• Paintball guns without CO2 tanks and optical device
• Underwater hunting guns and their accessories
• Under preasure tanks of any type and size
• Stun Guns of any type

The following products that require Phytosanitary Inspection Certificate and/or Import certificate are permitted to import:

a) Plants or plant samples, up to 10kg, except plant seeds or plant matterials for breeding;

b) Plants or herbal products (with total value of up to 500 GEL) are permitted to import for the following cases:

b.a) Plants, threes, bushes, shrubs and the like… up to 5pc;

b.b) Up to 3kg of citrus products;

b.c) Up to 5kg of other fresh fruits or vegetables, or their combination;

b.d) Up to 20pc of cut flowers or plant twigs or their combination, or 1pc of some bouqet made of cut flowers, or made of cut flowers and twigs as a combination;

b.e) Up to 5pc of flowerpot;

b.f) Up to 2kg of flower bulbs or tubers or their combination;

b.g) Up to 5 package of seeds, 5g each;

b.h) Up to 30kg of some dry products made of plants. (9.12.2014 N 670)

Please note, that an above listing is not complete, since US Customs book for Restricted/Dangerous goods is too large and consists of many exceptions.
USA2GEORGIA takes rights not to send certain product to Georgia per International Freight Forwarding rules and requirements.
Also, please note, that despite the above enlisted information, a customs officer still has the right to detain a parcel and demand additional explanations, for example the original invoice for statement of lower price, or some special document allowing you the transportation of the product. Always ask the shop to put an order or an invoice inside the box, and make sure you fill in the declaration form in your account.
If you send the prohibited products, we do not take responsibility for its confiscation. 

Parcel inspection is obligatory due to safety regulations.

If during this process, we note that you’ve ordered some restricted products, they will not be sent to Georgia. In this case, our representative will contact you for further instructions. Generally, such parcels are sent back to the online shop, and the paid amount is transferred back to you. However, you must lead all negotiations with the online shop.

Please note that the above procedure does not harm the integrity of your parcels. We're TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved shippers. The warehouse is secured according to all regulations.